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A Guide to Women’s Winter Boots

It’s time to put away your old shoes and load up on a few of the hottest trends of winter boots as the cold days are just around the corner. When it comes to winter boots, it doesn’t matter what type of heel and size you fancy, you ladies have several options to choose from, which will definitely make you look hot. Winter boots are simply sizzling and regardless of the style, you are definitely going to find something that will turn heads around. Besides, who doesn’t love all the attention? Anyhow, here are the hottest winter boot trends for this year:

Front Laced Boots

Front laces are often considered as a trait only suitable for snow boots. However, things are about to change this year, as snow boots aren’t the only piece of footwear featuring these laced-up fronts. With grunge and combat boots becoming a popular trend, several winter boot styles this year are sporting full-front lacing, giving off an amazing look.



These winter boots lies somewhere between shoes and boots, hence, the name Booties. They are once again in trend, but this season you are in for a treat, as there are various stunning styles available. The styles range from sleek and chic, to edgy and trendy which complements almost any attire.

Ankle Boots

The range of short boots hitting stores this year is simply dazzling. Even if you are a ‘tall boots’ girl, these ankle boots will change your mind. There are so many stunning styles available that you’d just want to buy them all. Be prepared to see a range of boots with some classics, western styling and grunge-y styles. Check more examples here.


Knee-High Boots

The words ‘flattering’ and ‘super-attractive’ fall short to describe the knee-high boots this year. Other than looking amazing, they are also practical since they will keep your legs nice and warm on cold days. The range of styles available is diverse. However, the collection this year is even better than what you have been seeing in the past. You can get boots with low or flat heels, western slant, and even high and chunky heels. Knee-high boots are definite mercury raiser, so try one on if you haven’t yet!


So, here are some of the hottest trends in women’s boots this season. Take these things into consideration and you will definitely find something that will significantly boost your sex appeal while enhancing your overall appearance.

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