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Asian Fashion Trends For Men

Much runway coverage and fashion magazine focus is on the role of fashion in a woman’s life. There is focus on the dresses, office, and casual wear availabilities to women in this style setting. The truth is, though, that Asian fashion is not restricted to women alone. There are several unique styling options that men looking for the most current trends in this style wear can choose. The following explains more about these latest Asian fashion options in menswear and what to look for when purchasing.

Asian men clothing is about making a subtle but strong statement. Men who want the latest in Asian trends should look for graphic tees (more about this trend). These graphic tees are a popular trend and can make any casual outfit a bit more fun and funky. A Korean t-shirt in a bold color with a large print or graphic in the center is very popular. They should fit close to the body to stay on trend but this does not equate to tightness. Instead, a man should choose a slim but still loose shirt option with a graphic that speaks to their own personalities. There are several great options that are popular in Asian men clothing. Musical inspired t-shirts are among the most popular. These t-shirts have a large musically driven graphic that stands against a contrasting background, including Korean t-shirt options with headphones and musical notes. Technology driven graphics are another popular options as well.

Asian men clothing trends continue in the way in which the pants are worn as well. Korean pants are fitted close to the body and take on a skinny jean affect. The narrow fit is not right for everyone, however, many different body types can utilize this option. Coupling a blousy Korean t-shirt with a skinnier jean or trouser can be a great way to create balance and still stay in trend.

men style 7:8 pants

Asian and Korean shoes for men are fun and funky. Shoes in a boating trend are popular, but not in the traditional sense. A checkered pattern or a funkier graphic is a popular option in design for a shoe. It elevates what could be a traditional loafer to a whole new genre. There are many different patterns that can look great with the Korean pants described above. Be cautioned, though, that while mixing patterns you do not want to go too far. Choose a shirt with a graphic and shoes but not pants as well. The key is to mix and match without going overboard. For more great options in top fashionable choices, look to men category of They have the latest in trends that will keep you in the know.

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