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Best K-Pop Songs of the Year 2014

With a lot happening on the Korean pop music front, many phenomenal tracks surfaced in the year 2014 which gained worldwide popularity. Korean pop music is growing strong and is fast gaining recognition in the international music circles and this article will take a look at the best Korean pop songs of the year 2014:

1.    Luv – A Pink

Luv by A Pink combines a catchy melody, which is the signature characteristic of the group’s music, with an element of melancholy. This track enjoyed tremendous popularity and is among the top K-pop songs of the year.


2.    Mr. Mr. – Girl’s Generation

One of the group’s phenomenal hits of 2014, the song gained wide popularity owing to its brilliant music, composition and of course, the vocals.

3.    Something – Girl’s Day

This is the song that made a band. Girl’s Day popularity soared to the skies with this song. This track was released in early 2014 and was an instant hit, receiving wide popularity and fame.

4.    Lonely – B1A4

This melancholic track as the track title designates was among the most played tracks of the year 2014 and the emotional melody of the track played an integral role in helping it garner popularity and success among the masses.

5.    Wild Flower – Park Hyo Shin

The powerful vocals were instrumental in elevating this track to the popularity level it attained. Adding to powerful vocals were elements like a soulful composition and the carefully chosen orchestra which made the track a success.

6.    Catallena – Orange Caramel

This track which seemed to have been inspired from a South Asian folk song combined the magic of lyrics, vocals and composition is among the most beautiful tracks of the year.

7.    Can’t Hide It – 15&

The soulful vocal was the most important aspect of the track with the production of the song having been kept simple to highlight the vocals.

8.    Thinking Bout You – Loco

This song is highly addictive and is one of the most popular Korean pop songs which were released 2014.

9.    Wind That Blows – MC the Max

Any list of the Korean hit tracks for the year 2014 can’t be complete without mentioning Wind That Blows by MC the Max. Great vocals, a smooth backing track and immaculate production make the song one of the best of the year.

So, if you are into K-Pop and want to catch up, these are the must-listen songs from 2014, you can also check another ranking here.

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