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Age: 23 years old

Place: Wisconsin

Interest: I studied hair and make-up at cosmetology school in Wisconsin. I love japanese fashion, cute things, and crafting in my spare time.

Testimonials: Good evening!  Just last week I received my first item from Coco Fashion.  Have you heard of this site?  I was surprised by how inexpensive and cute the clothing is!  It seemed too good to be true, but I decided to order something.


I chose a long grey shirt with an image of a cute rabbit.  The price for the shirt is $8.35, and with shipping the entire total was $15.74.  I received an email notification letting me know my order was completed on March 15, and they included a tracking number.  The link they give you to track your package is not very detailed, I suggest this one instead.
I received my package on April 5.  The shirt was just like the picture!  The fabric was soft, and seemed to be of good quality.


However, when shopping on the site you need to pay attention to the measurements it gives.  All clothing items say they are “free size,” which is not entirely the case.  Just make sure you are in the range of centimeters it gives before buying something!
There are so many cute items at coco fashion, I can’t wait to order more!

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