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Cocktail Dress? Coco Fashion – Best Choice

Everyone likes cocktail parties. They are fun, light-hearted and somewhere in between a club party and a very formal one. The fact that they are rather versatile gives women a very wide range of possibilities when it comes to their cocktail party attire. And let’s face it, what could be better in terms of choosing an outfit? So, if you’re looking for a cocktail dress, take a look at the offer from to see the many possibilities you have. Here are our ideas for a cocktail party look:

The Punk Rock Chick
It is widely known that the best outfit, for any occassion, is one that mirrors your personality, because, undoubtedly, when you feel good, you look good. So if your inner self screams ”punk rock”, why shouldn’t your dress do the same? Go for an all leather look, either with a fitted knee lenght dress or with a tunic like outfit, softened with some contrasting accessories. If you want to give your punk rock personality a girly touch, you can choose an interesting and balanced combination between leather and playful tulle with a dress that mixes a leather bodice with a tutu skirt.

The Sweet Heart
If you are a very girly and romantic person, a ”sweet heart”, as they say, you should really try to emphasise your femininity with the right dress. Pink is a very romantic and girly colour, so are accessories such as bows or tulle and satin, when it comes to fabric. And what says ”sweet heart” better than a sweet heart neckline and some nude colours? Such a combinations will beautifully reflect a romantic personality and is perfect for any feminine fashionista.


The Lady in Red
Ever since Chris de Burgh first sang about the mesmerizing lady in red, every woman dreams about being, at least once in their life, that beautiful lady in the perfect red dress, that will make all heads turn. Provided red is indeed your colour, you can find the ideal dress at You can go for something that brings out the daring, sexy woman you are, or you can choose a less sexy, more elegant look; either way, you are sure to turn heads. No matter which you choose, when Chris de Burgh starts singing, you can be sure he’s singing about you.

The Sun Goddess
It’s summer and everything in our look should say this. You can wear a little black dress any time of the year, but when else could you wear a dazzling, bold yellow dress and get away with it, than in summer? That’s why we thaught you should take a look at a few beautiful, happy yellow choices; a deep yellow dress is so joyful and girly, you are sure to lighten up the mood whenever you wear it. For a sexier aspect, but still playful and happy, a mustard shed is sure to put you in the spotlight. Why be just another dress in the crowd, when you can be a Sun Goddess in summery yellow?

The possibilities are many and the choice is entirely up to you. Will you be a romantic apparition or a dotty personality statement? Whatever you want to go for, be sure to check out and get inspired. Happy shopping!

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