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Do you want to look good in office?

When it comes to office outfits, shirts are always must have clothing items. Originally worn exclusively by men, as undergarments, shirts have become wardrobe essentials for women as well, proving their great versatility in all sorts of outfits, from business and formal to casual and elegant chic. Theoretically, there are four classic cuts for shirts – comfort, shaped, slim and fit – all slightly similar, with small differences regarding the looseness of the cut (comfort is the most loose, fit is the tightest). But fashion designers always look for modern and unusual shapes when it comes to reinventing this classic clothing item.

Here are 5 of the coolest workwear shirts to rock at the office this summer:

Slim fit shirt

This is the perfect shirt to wear when you want to highlight your feminine silhouette. The cut is close to the body and the seams lend a contoured shape to your figure, drawing attention to the bust and waistline. The biggest advantage of the slim fit shirt is its versatility, this classic workwear being the perfect top for any office pants or skirt you might choose to wear. Tapered, skinny or straight-leg pants, A-line, pencil or pleated skirts – whatever you choose, the slim fit shirt will instantly add a minimalist elegance to your appearance. If you want to tone down the sobriety of the shirt, simply tie a silk scarf in a bow around the collar or use a statement brooch.

Shirt bodysuit

The shirt bodysuit combines the comfort and functionality of the body with the elegance and refinement of the shirt. There is no other workwear that can make you feel so relaxed while wearing formal clothes, as the shirt bodysuit graciously embraces your body and allows you to move at ease, without constantly having to remember to tuck in the shirt. Not to mention there won’t be any folds under your skirt or pants, as the bodysuit perfectly fits your waist and derriere. A sexy and easy-to-wear shirt that will light up your office style!

Medici collar shirt

Take a break from the typically conservative office wear and add a touch of coolness to your work outfit with a Medici collar shirt. Opt for a loose cut and silky fabric, so that the shirt gently floats around you and create a more relaxed and casual look, perfect for casual Fridays or business brunches. The Medici collar is chic and playful and you can use the loose V-opening in order to highlight your gracious neck and cheek bone. Pull your hair back in a sleek ponytail or a loose bun and wear some stylish earrings and a sensual red lipstick to furthermore emphasise your natural charm.

Puffed shoulder shirt

When you want to make a strong, yet stylish first impression, just count on a slim fit shirt with short sleeves and pleated puffed shoulders. The volume around the shoulders make this shirt look imposing and it will surely make you feel fierce and powerful. The pleated shoulder shirt looks great when paired with fitted pants or tight-fitting skirts, high heels and minimalist jewellery. Natural eye makeup, red lips and a sleek bun can complete your chic & fierce office look.

Flap chest pocket shirt

The flap chest pocket shirt will instantly become your favourite workwear once you will experience the “feel cool” vibe this garment exudes. Subtle androgynous details, such as the short sleeves and rolled over cuffs, come to balance out the sensuality of the slim fit cut and twin flap pockets on the chest. This casual-chic shirt is the perfect top for your skinny ankle-length jeans and it looks great with both stiletto shoes or ballerina flats. Either way, you will look cool and carefree!

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