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Frill Dresses

Traditional frill dresses have been in style since the 1800’s; more popularly worn by royalty at special balls and events. They have become a recent trend for bridesmaids’ dresses and women seeking a fun evening dress. Frill has also been seen on tops of dresses, giving the look a more causal feel for any event. The possibility of colors in this design is endless from shades of pink, blue, red, purple, champagne, yellow, and white. This dress would be great for a fun night out with your girlfriends or special occasions you’ll never forget!


Retro Style Dresses

The term “retro style” has become better associated with the 1940’s and 1950’s style in style and design for American designers. Straight and sweetheart neck lines were very popular while the skirt would typically been either pencil shaped or flared out. Colors as well as patterns are welcomed with this style. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Dita Jov Teese embrace this old school fashion in their daily lives. This look will give any lady, trying to find some glamour and sophisticated to a great statement dress.


Romantic Dresses

They come in all forms and styles but one thing remains the same when it comes down to a romantic dress; they make you feel like a true princess. Women tend to feel more like a princess on their wedding day in their wedding dress. The right shades of white, pink, purple, and blue will set the right tone you’re trying to pull off. The look can be styled however you want. The look can be worn in ways such as casual, summer wear, prom, evening, and bridesmaid are seen in some romantic way. Even the sleeves and length are complimented to the woman’s desire.


Casual Dresses

For all of the girls who just want to have fun, casual dresses are worn for those days with your girlfriends and dates with your significant other. The look is meant to be comfortable and relaxed on a woman’s body. The fabric even ranges from cotton, linen, polyester, and silk. You can even have this dress in any style and it extends from empire waist, A-shaped, flared, dresses with pockets, tube top dresses. The colors and patterns are endless, leaving women no reason to purchase a couple of these dresses for any occasions.

Summer Dresses

The days in summer are longer but that doesn’t mean the dresses have to be. No matter the length, shape, or design, summer dresses can brighten up any woman’s wardrobe for any occasion in her day. They can be worn to work or a night out with good company. If you’re searching for a comfortable dress for those hot days outside, keep an eye on cotton and polyester material for cool summer day. The patterns are always bright and colorful and the colors range from yellow, blue, purple, white, red, pink, orange, and green. No woman should ever go through a summer without her summer dress to spice up any event you’re attending.


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