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G-Dragon: A Korean Fashion Icon in the Making

G-Dragon is undoubtedly emerging as the fashion icon in the Korean pop music industry. Apart from his contribution to Korean pop music, he has also attained the status of a fashion icon in his country and in other parts of Asia as well. His latest appearance on the cover of ‘Vogue Korea’ has him in a stylish, curly hairstyle. YG Entertainment also released two back-to-back cover photos of the K-Pop star, both of which were in black and white. The two black and white photographs have the singer gracing the cover pages of the magazine, again in curly hair.

While he features alone in one photo, the second picture features him sitting next to a female model. In one of the two cover photographs, the fashion icon can be seen wearing eye-catching pants which he has paired up with a bomber jacket, completing his look with statement accessories. The other picture sees him in what appears to be a white themed outfit which has been tastefully paired with a black leather bottom with prominent jewelry pieces along his ear boasting a braided look.

d-dragon from bigbang in vogue

The singer seems to have things going his way as he is making headlines not only for his Korean pop music but also for his fashion sense and taste. The singer also made headlines recently for his relationship with the Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko. With these magazine cover photos, the singer has managed to surprise many of his fans with his curly hair look. What remains to be seen is whether his fans will adopt the hairstyle or not.

His rising popularity also saw him featuring alongside 2NE1 and CL on a track which from US-based music producer Skrillex while he also recently released the video of his famous “Dirty Vibe” track. Currently, he is also busy with promoting his song “Good Boy”, again in collaboration with BIGBANG member Taeyang. The track already seems to have hit the right chord with the listeners with over 19 million views racked up by the video so far.

With him having gained famed by the name of G-Dragon, let’s not forget that his full name is Kwon Ji-Yong. G-Dragon is inspired from Jiyong, which in Korean means dragon. Moreover, he, according to the Chinese calendar was also born in the Year of the Dragon. Regardless of the origins of his name, there is no doubt that G-Dragon is going places and also taking K-Pop fashion to new heights.

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