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How Asian Fashion Is Inspiring the World

With the rising Asian influence in the world of fashion, the Asian voice is becoming louder as many of the globally acclaimed fashion designers continue to take their inspiration from its rich history, arts and crafts, colors, traditions and culture. These inspirations are reflected in their outfits, jewelry, décor, handbags and fashion props.

What Gave Rise to This Growing Trend?

So, what is the reason behind this growing trend and inspirations? Is it globalization which has rendered the world a global village or is it that more and more of the Asian students are heading to Western world for their studies? Many of these students who have studied fashion in the West or assisted fashion designers there played a pivotal role in setting the ground for the fashion’s world turning its attention to the previously un-treaded grounds.

Moreover, inspirations are not restricted to geographical boundaries since creativity and innovation knows no boundaries and so does the world of fashion which seems to be infatuated with Asia’s rich culture and history.

Many of the designers from this region now showcase their collections along with the western designers at major global fashion events something which previously was not common. However, if we take a closer look, it’s also the rich and traditional colors along with the traditional techniques which catch the attention of the audiences in the fashion shows as they are left mesmerized by their unconventional beauty.

It was not until the 1980’s when designers like Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Maiyake made a splash in the fashion world and changed the way fashion was interpreted. However, now it is no longer limited to Japan as China is the newest entry in the fashion world that has already established its presence and now China is no longer represented by “Made in China” rather than “Designed in China”.

How Asian Fashion Is Inspiring the World

A new breed of Chinese fashion designers have emerged in the global fashion scenario and have taken the fashion circles by storm with their creativity though these may have taken their training in West yet the Chinese influence is always there in their collection. Not just this but many of the prominent Western fashion designers are taking inspiration from the Asian culture and are designing a whole line by reinventing their interpretation in a creative way.

Many of the Asian countries and cities have also emerged as fashion hubs on a global scale with many world renowned fashion houses having established their presence here. Therefore, the next time you see the collection of any acclaimed fashion house don’t be surprised to see lines that feature Asian designs and embellishments.

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