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Japanese Street Fashion: Making a Bold Statement

Japanese street style is unique. Just like with any other style, to achieve an amazing overall look with Japanese Street style, you have to be confident.  Japanese Street Fashion has largely been influenced by underground club scene. Osaka and Tokyo are leading when it comes to this street fashion. If you would like to standout among your peers, Japanese street fashion is something worth trying. It usually combines traditional and contemporary trends along with local and foreign labels to have a unique blend of fashion.

Grey&Black Unique Japanese Fashionable Hooded Blouse

Japanese street fashion has a variety of styles and trends. Eccentric patterns, bright colors, heavy jewelry, hand-made garments, mixing and matching tank tops and jeans are some of the characteristics of this street fashion. Some of the most sought after Japanese street styles are Ganguro, Cosplay and Lolita. Ganguro is a style that consists of dark tanned bodies and dyed or bleached hair. Here, the Japanese youths try to westernize themselves dramatically. On the other hand, Lolita is a trend where beads, chains and wristbands are very popular accessories. If you want to have a great Japanese Street style, this is the way to go about it.

Mix and Match

Instead of sticking to solid colors when it comes to jeans and shirts or tops, you can try mix matching with lots of different colors. Ensure that you do not just pick any colors but have colors that go well together.

Accessorize Appropriately

After picking the right set of outfit, ensure that you accessorize correctly. Japanese Street fashion calls for heavy accessorizing but you should be careful so that you don’t go overboard. Large necklaces, lots of pearls and much more will make your look exciting.

Prep up Your Hair

To achieve a cute Japanese street look, you should prep up your hair. Try short pigtails, bangs or short bobs. You can also color your hair to complete your look. A light pink shade on your hair is not only hot but also will help you make a bold fashion statement. Alternatively, you can try orange. Just make sure that you choose a color that will blend well your skin tone and your natural hair color. Hair clips will do an amazing, superb job.

Gray Stylish Elegant Coat with Removable Fur Collar Japanese Fashion

Do Doll-like Make-up

Pastel pink lipstick is very popular in Japanese Street fashion. You should also have bold eyeliner. Make use of shimmering white eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes and white eyeliner on the waterline. This will help you to have amazing look on your eyes. Eyelashes are very essential for the Japanese street style and the bigger the better.

It is worth mentioning that Japanese street style is all about individuality and you have to be creative in order to come up with a unique that will help you make a statement among your peers.

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