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Jewelry Disbands

The New Year may have started on a bright note for the K-Pop industry with the news clearly showing what a great year 2014 had been in terms of breakout stars and singles which rocked the world. However, a piece of news which might not be taken as positively by K-Pop fans around the world has come to the fore as the longest running K-Pop girl group of all time, Jewelry, has officially disbanded. The agency the band was signed to, Star Empire, made the announcement on 7th January, formalizing the breakup of the band which has undergone several personnel changes over the years.


Jewelry burst on to the scene back in 2001. No K-Pop girl group has even managed to last a decade, making Jewelry unique. However, their legacy has come to an end as well as all except one of the members of the band’s contracts have ended with Star Empire. The sole member of the band still signed on is Yewon. In an interesting development, it has been reported that seven members of the group over the years, including current and former ones, are going to collaborate on a photo shoot, which will be the last official activity of the group. After that, Jewelry will be no more.

It was back in March 2001 that the band became overnight sensation with their song I Love You. The 14-year journey since has been marked by many highs and lows and a number of personnel changes over the years. The band has also asked fans for their support as the members taken on solo projects in the future. This makes up for the disbandment of the group, as the fans will have something to look forward to from Yewon, Semi and Jooyeon as they work individually. The aforementioned pictorial of the band will be published in the February issue of In Style.

There were rumors abound of the official disbandment of Jewelry, particularly since they hadn’t released any material in the past year. Their agency had alerted the media that several of the members’ contracts were due to expire. Hence, it can be said the disbandment was expected, to a certain extent. For fans that have been following the band for the past decade or so, they can reminisce by listening to the band’s most popular tracks, Superstar and One More Time. So, thus ends a chapter in K-Pop history.

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