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Korean Clothing: Two Fashion Styles, One Clothing Source

Tired of your boring clothing options filling your closet at home? Ready for some wardrobe change? Then consider a new approach to fashion. Rather than relying on what is local to your region of the world or your particular region, consider expanding your fashion boundaries beyond the cultural restraints of your community. One great option in unique style that can bring variety to your wardrobe are those from Asian fashion houses, specifically cute clothing from Korea. It can be a great option to build variety in your closet and still provide that style statement you want to make. Here’s a breakdown of options in cute Korean clothing, in case you are still unsure of diving into the trend.

Frilly and Dainty

Cute clothing from Korea comes in a wide variety of aesthetics, including the more feminine and dainty options. Korean clothing for women and little girls alike often includes frills and ruffle accents. Skirts can be found with ruffles along the edges and sleeves are often capped at the shoulder with an additional layer of a soft fabric like silk or lace. These more feminine and girly styles are often found in softer hues. Color palette options include soft pinks, tans, and blues that do not make a bright color statement but hint at softness and demureness. Cute clothing from Korea in this daintier option is great for special occasions requiring dressing up and it can work as office wear as well.

Punk Fashion

If you want to steer clear from the more feminine style and are looking for more statement-making pieces, there are Korean clothing that are more likely to fit your style. Cute clothing from Korea is not always about bright colors and soft styles. On the contrary, many Korean designers prefer hard edges, unique textures, and visually-impactful clothing creations. For those looking for cute clothing from Korea with this harder edge, the punk fashion house is the way to go.


In these funkier styles, designers opt for bold-colored shorts with large graphic prints, and oversized shirts with pin-up girls, or skulls, or crossbone prints. These styles are for women who want to stand out instead of blending in. Furthermore, shoes in this style tend to lean toward the more extreme or hard edge. Patent leather pumps, plastic wedges, and high-kneed plastic boots in black are popular and can be a great addition to an outfit.

Style Mixing

While a number prefer the soft and demure style, and others may like the edgy punk fashion, some may wish for a compromise between the two. This is possible and many Korean designers and style experts encourage this aesthetic mixture. Taking a soft and demure top, for example, and pairing it with an edgy pair of plastic pumps can create a visually contrasting look.

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