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Korean Fashion Trends 2014

With summer finally winding down, it’s time to wave farewell to sundresses and high-waist cheeky shorts. Fall is considered by many as one of the best seasons when it comes to fashion, and often these people try to find ideas and inspiration for looks that will make them look fashionable, chic and up-to-date.

Keeping that in mind, which place would be better to look besides Korea? Often proclaimed as one of the most fashionable countries in the world, Korea has some of the hottest fashion trends every year that are followed by many. Here are some latest trends you should consider for the forthcoming season:


It’s quite obvious items like sweaters and coats will be in style this fall. They always are, however, in recent times, scarves have also gained immense popularity in Korea during both fall and winter seasons. So, add that extra touch to your outfit by grabbing at least one scarf made by popular fashion designer Ko Tae Yong, who is known for his stylish, fresh and casual collections.

Patterned Stockings

Nothing beats the trendy combination of a skirt and stocking. You will find a lot of women in Korea wearing these statement making outfits in different patterns, which range from hearts to polka dots to designs that look like tattoos. Add extra flair to your outfit by adding some patterned stocking to your wardrobe.

Winter Boots

This is a trend you will find in most countries, and why wouldn’t it be? Winter is definitely boot season for many. Choose from ankle boots, knee-high boots, combat boots and several others, all of which are extremely trendy and stylish. Even the most basic outfits can create the perfect level of edginess with these winter boots. So, get a few pairs which suit your style!

black korean type ankle boots

Wear Gold

This doesn’t mean only jewelry. Gold will go well with just about any color, especially black and navy which are considered staples of fall.

gold top black chiffon bottom dress


We have already seen many Korean women sizzling in gold sweaters, coats, skirts and even shoes on several ramps. However, now it’s your turn to add some glam by getting outfits from popular designer Christina Kim. Her clothing line has been noted for being glamorous, sizzling and sexy, and she has some big name clients, such as Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston in her long list of fans.

So, follow these abovementioned Korean fashion trends and you are on track to staying fashionable and stylish throughout this fall.

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