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Korean Fashion Trends Coming Spring And Summer For Women

The clothes that are chosen for wear are more than just about being comfortable. They are a necessity of course, but they also show the depth of personality and style that an individual has. Clothes speak about our personalities and make a statement. The trends for this spring and summer in Asian fashion options are all about personality and fun. Interesting combinations, patterns, and colors make women’s Asian style a top and interesting choice for women this year.

Trends For Spring

One of the trends for spring in Korean fashion is the baby doll dress. This is a sweet offering for a woman that is soft and demure as well as perfect for the summer weather. Dresses come in a variety of colors, but this Korean fashion statement for women is most often offered in the softer colors. Dresses hang from the body and have a loose look, making it great for women of all sizes and shapes. Further, this Asian fashion statement has a unique skirt line. There are asymmetrical options which give the traditional Korean fashion statement for women an updated and interesting flare that is different from past trends.

Mixed Patterns

Another of the top Asian fashion trends for women in the spring and summer months is the mixed pattern top. This clothing style often has graphic options as well as a pattern. There are stripes and graphic images that combine to give this Korean fashion statement a unique depth. Further, they are offered in long-sleeve and short-sleeved options that can transcend different temperatures and weather, making them more versatile and providing more opportunities for wear. These Asian fashion tops also offer a unique layering feature as well. Though one garment, certain options provide for a layered look though the fabrics are attached. This is great in that it will not provide the extra bulk but still make for an interesting top option.

Graphic T-Shirts With Personality

Though the baby doll dresses described above were light and airy in their hues, the trend in Asian fashion tops appears to be a bit more dark this season. Designers are creating garments that edge toward the black and gray rather than the lighter colors. Graphic t-shirts are available that have a stark black background with a large graphic on the front. These graphics include iconic symbols of pin-up models and other graphically styled omen. This, too, is a great summer trend and one that provides pieces to collections that are more than just one-note.



Asian fashion tops are also available for layering. Cardigans with asymmetrical lines are also available in sweet colors that make them a great choice. These layering choices come in a variety of colors, both sweet and soft and darker, and can be combined with multiple different pant choices and underlying tops. These are perfect for the summer and spring months which can be weather-tricky and temperatures may change quickly. These Asian fashion tops are great and versatile and have a place in varying wardrobes.

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