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The dresses and skirts for Spring/Summer 2014 present interesting elements of high-low hems in many variations and styles. The trendy model of new asymmetrical bottoms includes a great variety of styles like graphic cuts, flouncing details, layered structure and rounded lines widely presented in Korean fashion.

White Romantic Chiffon Summer Korean Dress with Black Flowers Decoartions

The asymmetrical skirts and dresses create catchy image of mini and maxi skirt shift with a day-to-night approach. Such summer looks depicts very refreshing propositions for vacation looks with reveal- conceal attitude. Excellent for the summer in the city looks, beach escapades as well as evening occasions with glamour approach. Following the latest trends, the dipped hem is definitely a smart buy because of its versatility in stylish dress code that you can easily find in Asian fashion. For you to achieve an amazing overall look, you need to make sure that you make the right choice when it comes to style, shoes as well as accessories.

For women, belts are available many colors and designs. They ought to not be gaudy, dangle or resound. If a lady is sporting dress trousers then she ought to wear an easy, skinny belt with associate unobtrusive buckle. Accessories, like belts and shoes, ought to be plain, no furbelow leather.

Pink Floral Pattern Contrasting Black Details Princess Style Mini Dress
For purses, leather is perceived as a lot of skilled than cloth, especially in black or brown. A colorful purse that matches the color of associate outfit is a lot of for casual occasions. A woman’s tights ought to be flesh tone, black or navy. White or alternative colors distract from skilled image.

For eye wear, a lady mustn’t get too stylish, unless an image of quality is a lot of vital than an image of intelligence and expertise. Ladies are rated a lot of skilled when they wear less jewelry. Keep it simple and keep one’s eyes off from the massive or gaudy.


Pink Suedy Wrapped Style Online Pumps with Scallop Trim
Trendy designs have the same negative associations and stereotypes as alternative parts of your wardrobe. A lot of practical shoes enhance image as long as they’re not too flashy. Less practical but a lot of fashionable shoes send a message that you simply are a lot of concerned with appearance than performance. If ladies wear heels taller than 2 inches they accentuate their sex.

Boots mustn’t be worn with dress apparel unless they’re terribly often worn by others in your skilled environment. Shoes that are simple and stylish are best. Closed toe pumps with one and a 0.5 inch heels prime the list. Shorter ladies can wear 2 inches heels but they ought to not be spiked heels. Stay with basic colors and don’t try and match your shoes to bright colored clothing. Always keep your shoes clean and polished for a professional look. If the soles or heels are worn or broken, then replace or repair them.

Women who wear refined feminine-cut suits or skirts and matching jackets with simple white, off-white or pale-colored blouses don’t seem to be only seen as robust and assured, but additionally as trustworthy, likable and humble, but detain mind that this may not work for all careers.
In more high-fashion professions, the suit ought to be a lot of fashionable, with a lot of communicative accessories with your goal being a “ladylike” but skilled look. Suits ought to be soft, ladylike and strike a balance between unpretentious and conservative, feminine and trendy. Colors can range from navy, grey, and blue to cream and mahogany.

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