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Must-have items for every punk fashion lover

Punk music and style has been a great inspiration source for fashion designers in the last couple of years. Celebrities from all over the world as well as fashionistas and fashion bloggers have embraced punk fashion and made sure that this gutsy trend is here to stay. The edgy combination of clothes and fabrics, the ostentatious metallic jewelry, fierce skulls prints, studded accessories and distressed denim – all these punkish elements create an irresistible rebellious attitude that even today can’t go unnoticed.

Here are 5 punk-inspired clothing items and accessories that are as trendy and fashionable as they were in the heyday of the punk era!

Distress denim pants

Punkers had a thing for tearing up their clothes and wear them as distress and worn out as possible. Safety pins were sometimes used to prevent T-shirts from laddering and became in time shiny stylish details for every punk-chic look. Distress denim pants as well as cut out skinny black jeans came forth as uniforms for the rebellious youth and remained until today the center of all genuine punk-inspired outfits. Besides looking effortlessly cool and edgy, distressed jeans are very versatile: they mix well with all kinds of tops (classic T-shirts, tank tops, plaid and denim shirts) and any casual footwear, from sneakers and combat boots to lace up wedges. Trashy and cool is the new chic!

denim jeans pant

The rivets bag/ dress

Just as impressive and cool as safety pins, but without any risk of giving you stings and scratches, rivets are stylish and glam little details that can turn any clothing item or accessory into a punk-inspired one. Rivets and metallic studs look great on leather and denim and they can make any dress, bag or piece of jewelry stand out. Opt for a long shoulder strap bag with rivets details if you want to look cool and relaxed, or a black mini dress with some rivets design for a fierce and powerful punkish look.

red rock styly shoulderbag

black flared punk tunic

The leather blouse/ jacket

Leather is always present in stylish punk outfits, whether as pants, footwear, bags or jewelry (such as studded leather bracelets and chunky necklaces), jackets or blouses. There is no better match for distressed jeans that a classic biker jacket with zippers, buckles and rivets. The leather blouse can also be a stylish punk element, especially if combined with lace details, a fashionable mix of fabrics that adds a slightly gothic vibe to any outfit.

leather black top

Buckles boots

Buckles boots are the perfect way to complete a typical punk-inspired look. They look great when paired with skinny jeans, distress denim pants or leather mini skirts. For stylish night outs, opt for sexy high heels ankle boots, while low heels buckles boots are perfect to complete a more relaxed and casual punk look.

brown punk style boots

The skull print T-shirt

Skulls are the print-of-choice for punk lovers, who took this macabre symbol of death and evil and turned it into a fashionable icon that screams “freedom”, “independence”, “courage” and “rebellion”. Let your nonconformist spirit shine and make a cool fashion statement by wearing a skull print T-shirt paired with some distressed jeans. If the skull is covered with rivets, studs or sequins or the T-shirt features some cutwork details or a safety pin or two, the punkish attitude will be even more edgy!

blue skull blouse

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