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Office Fashion: The 2013 Corporate Style

The corporate scene has always been characterized by the silence similar to that in boardrooms. This is no longer the case especially with 2013 and its trendy fashions; the office scene is bound to change. Being corporate does not mean that you adorn the ordinary office formal wear. The floral attire is here to bring excitement into the 9 to 5 cycle. Your wardrobe has to get some feminine additions this season of the year. The beauty with the belted floral office wear is that it can also be worn on several occasions making it a classical wear even to office parties. This should help save you time and space making you lighter and less occupied!

Soft Collarless and High Necked Tops


What about the soft collarless tops that have taken the place of the conventional business shirts? They are cool for the Mediterranean temperament especially when interchanged with plummeting and high necked tops. Being in the office doing the routine jobs and assignments can make you drop into a fashion rut. This is because most often than not, you have no inspirations to take you to the next level of fashion. 2013 however realized that and brought some inspiring fashion ideas that you can even share with your colleagues at the work place. Regardless of whether your office is the conservative type where there are restrictions on what you wear, you will still be trendy with these tops.

Denim Jacket with a Light Inner Dress

Denim Jacket Coco.Fashion

Break from the typical two piece suit and adorn a well-tailored denim jacket this year. This will not only make you cool bust will also change your entire appearance. When worn with a matching dress or skirt this can make you the fashion reference in the office. It does not matter whether it is the only office dressing solution you have; you will be looking as trendy as ever every time you put it on.

Suit Trends

This is not the occasional old-fashioned office suit. 2013 has come up with the type of suit that has lean and tailored lines. These suits tag along a personality that is rare in office set ups. They give self-assurance which makes you fearless and polished. Depending on your physique, these suits can be customized to give you a classic look. The pantsuits have come with additional ways in which you can wear them making you a fashion icon wherever you are. You can opt for the slouched style, wide legs and modern look, retro fit, checkered among others.

ladies suits

Trendy Dresses

Office wear should ideally be relaxing and comfortable. This is what office dresses bring to the office fashion scene this year. There are varieties of dresses that you can wear to the office and still maintain that professional look. Shirt dresses, shift dresses and belted dresses are what have defined the fashion arena this year. Dark and neutral colors are the colors of choice to complement these dresses. Navy blue, brown, beige and black will make you look sexy and still comfortably fit in that boardroom. For those who are conservative in taste, a sleeveless dress worn with a blazer can be great fashion attire.


Imagination is clearly the evident force behind office fashion wear this year. Chic, stylish and appropriate: this all that defines the corporate fashion scene. Keep the office rules but be daring enough to break the fashion tradition and reinvent your office life.


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