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Shirts – trend summer 2015. Office wear and bodysuit shirts.

How to mix elegant with casual style?

When it comes to office wear, elegance must always be part of your outfit. Even on Casual Friday occasions, you should mix elegant with casual clothing and accessories so that you can wear your outfit at the office without the risk of looking too casual or simple. And while suits are always the first thing that comes to mind when you say “office wear”, you can’t wear them all the time, not to mention it’s difficult to make them look casual.

This is where shirts come in, the perfect clothing item to help you create the most stylish casually elegant outfits. You can pair them with pants or skirts, blazers or cardigans, jeans or dressy pants, and you can change them from elegant to casual by simply using the right accessories. Here are this summer’s top shirts and how to wear them in order to create a casual, yet elegant office look!

Check Printed Shirts

Check prints are a big trend this year so you can use them to add some splash of color to your casual office outfits. Choose a slim fit shirt that follows your silhouette curve and make sure you keep the rest of your outfit in a neutral color – black, white, grey, beige. For an elegant office look, pair the varied check printed shirt with high-waist pencil skirts and stilettos, while for the perfect “casual Friday” outfit you can opt for skinny ankle-length jeans, statement high heels or flats and a stylish blazer. Jeans and check prints are a very casual combination, so you will need some classic elegant footwear and accessories to tone down the casual and highlight the elegance.

checkered black modern shirt

Slim Fit Shirts with Flap Chest Pockets

For a summery casual office outfit, take a slim fit shirt with short sleeves, pair it with some white pants, straight cut or tapered style, elegant high heels and you can rest assured you’ll look stylish enough for any casual business meeting. Slim fit shirts are classic, but the flap chest pockets add a touch of casual and more relaxed vibe to the whole office attire. Choose a thin belt in a contrasting color to highlight your waist and some colorful bracelets to cheer up your office wear. If you need to elongate your stature, the “slim fit shirt + high heels + low waist pants” combination can do wonders!

Collared Bodysuit shirts

Shirts can often be too long or too large and therefore look all pleated and puffy when you tuck them in… But you can easily solve this problem and get the perfect slim fit if you opt for a bodysuit shirt. It will give you a slimmer look, not to mention you won’t have to check every other minute if your shirt is still tucked in. Bodysuit shirts are comfortable to wear and easy to accessorize with both pants and skirts, but in order to keep them elegant as well as casual, choose fitted pencil skirts and straight-cut pants.

White shirts with embellished collar

White shirts are elegant and classic by definition, but if they feature some stylish details on the collar they become more casual and suitable to wear on not so formal occasions. Sequins are fashionable and fun and create a sparkling effect that can make a simple white shirt stand out as unique and sophisticated. Light skinny jeans and suede nude pumps will complete the look if you are looking for a relaxed office outfit, but the white shirt with embellished collar will look equally stylish when paired with a fitted black midi skirt and elegant high heels. All shirts can go from elegant to casual and vice versa with just a little help from the right accessories! Check the spring/summer trends guide too.

white shirt

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