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Sizzling Summer Fashion Trends 2014

What does hot summer remind you of? Summer holidays, cool summer nights, pool parties, camping, biking, romance and shopping, right? Talking about shopping, stylish and trendy summer wardrobe makes your summer even more exciting and fun! Let us have a look around to see what is trendy in the fashion world this summer.

While flipping through fashion magazines or scanning online fashion retailers, you may notice that some of the 90’s fashion trends are back this summer. Minimalist looks and gingham dresses are becoming popular. Plaids were never out of fashion. Asymmetric skirts, crop tops, waist high shorts, slipdresses and shirtdresses are the hottest trends of the season. You may find floral prints everywhere. And white cotton dresses and crochet dresses are the most comfortable staple for the warm weather.

Coco Fashion has also added some amazing pieces in their fabulous and trendy collection of clothes appropriate for sweltering summer. Check up their daily new arrivals to remain up-to-date about fashion trends. Here are some new arrivals of the day.

Floral Patterned Off Shoulder Flounced Neckline Summer Blouse


This cute summer blouse with tiny floral prints looks elegant with off shoulder flounced neckline. Lightweight chiffon fabric makes you look graceful and demure. At the same time the blouse is cool and breezy. Pair it with a mini skirt and keep your accessories to the minimum. Matching wedges and cool shades can really pull the look. You can wear this anywhere, it is stylish and practical. Go shopping at the mall or hang out with your friends at your favorite coffee joint. Go for a movie or visit the saloon. This is a perfect outfit for a hot summer day.

Rose&Blue Cute Girlish Elastic Waist Light Pleats Asian Mini Dress



If you are fond of bright and colorful look, light pleats Asian mini dress with elastic waist is your pick. This comfort fit outfit in blue and rose combination spreads cheer wherever you go. Its bright colors make it appropriate to wear it during day time or evenings. Dangling earrings, long necklace and strapped sandals add glamour to the girlish outfit. The Asian mini dress is great for dance parties or romantic moonlight walk. Enjoy all the action you love in this mini dress and feel great.

Leopard Pattern V-neckline Frills Slim Elastic Waist Casual Mini Shirt



This leopard pattern mini shirt dress is perfect as an eveningwear. Flaunt your figure in this sexy and glamorous shirt dress with frilled v-neckline and slim elastic waist. Accessorize it with bold and exotic statement jewelry to get that sizzling look. Blaze a trail by wearing this animal print shirt dress with boots. You can wear this dress to disco or cocktail parties. It is perfect for an adventure filled night out.

Feel fashionable and trendy this summer in clothing collection from Coco Fashion. Browse through their new arrivals daily and pick a dress of your choice. Add some complementing accessories and look amazingly stylish. Don’t forget to protect yourself from harmful sun with sun protection. Stay Trendy, Stay Safe!

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