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Stan Lee’s Love for Cameos: Marvel Man in K-Pop Video

Stan’s the Man! If there is one man who befits this maxim, it’s Stan Lee, the founder of Marvel Comics and creator of some of the most beloved fictional characters of the 20th and 21st century. Lee, all of 92 years old, is fond of making cameos and has appeared in ‘blink and you miss’ parts in nearly all the movies made under the Marvel banner over the past decade. Well, if there is one place where you wouldn’t expect the man to make an appearance is a K-Pop music video, but apparently, he has.

Believe it or not, Mr. Lee can be spotted in the new video by Korean actress, Clara, titled ‘Gwiyomi Song 2’. The song released on December 22nd last year and is apparently more known for featuring Stan Lee in the video than the actual quality of the music itself. Fans of K-Pop music would be familiar with the Gwiyomi Song which was released a couple of years back. It featured a specific dance move, a series of hand gestures, which is featured in this version as well. The fun part is that Mr. Stan Lee can be seen performing the famous hand gestures.

Stan Lee's Love for Cameos Marvel Man in K-Pop Video

The song itself is not exactly a remake of the original Gwiyomi Song but a take on it. Clara plays a wacky character in the video, quite unlike her onscreen image so far. In the video, she has donned a variety of colorful and odd outfits. The chorus of the song is where you get to see her do the hand gestures, which appears to be the sole reason why she released Gwiyomi Song 2 as her first single. An interesting factoid is that the track is produced by Dandi who was also responsible for the production of the original song.

The idea behind the Gwiyomi Song was to have fans record themselves dancing to it while performing hand gestures. In this iteration, the video features Stan Lee doing his version of the dance. He can be seen at the beginning of the video as well as towards the end, making it a treat of sorts for K-Pop fans. The question on everyone’s mind now is whether Clara is going to be appearing in a Marvel movie in the near future or is Stan Lee trying to attract fans in Korea.

Whatever it is, Stan Lee’s cameo in a K-Pop video is a sign of the genre’s acceptance and popularity on a global scale.

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