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Styling Sneakers: Bringing Flair to the Fashion Ensemble

When you dress up or you dress down, there are some things about fashion that change. There are for instance certain pieces of jewelry that change depending on the kind of apparel you are adorning. Sneakers however are the direct opposite, they are every seasons best. Whether you are formal or informal, sneakers have a way of blending with the clothing that you are adorning. Summer dressing without sneakers for instance is just incomplete.


Many people love sneakers especially when going for shopping sprees or when they have to walk for long distances. They cover the feet well. There are lots of fashion clothes you can put on that can blend perfectly with sneakers. Based on my experience with sneakers, I have compiled a list that you can go through to get an idea of how to pair yours:

The Boyfriend Shirt

Boyfriend shirts can be excellent wears when combined with sneakers. To get a perfect match, ensure that you go for the loose-fit type that screams city cool. You can slip it on with decent cutoffs. When adorning your outfit this way, you do not have to perfectly lace the sneakers. This dress style can make for a good weekend or off-duty wear. There are times when you feel you need to go for an outing; this can be a perfect wear too but this time round, ensure you lace up to make your look foolproof.

Denim Shorts

Blue Denim Cut Off Asian Fashion Shorts With Decorative Zippers At The Back

This is also another fashion piece that goes well with sneakers. In fact if you put on high street sneakers with denim shorts, you stand on your own fashion category. Such combinations are hard to beat. The denim shorts to settle for here should be the ones that sit high on the waist and then as you head towards the hip, they become slightly loose. In this way, they flatter your figure. The sleek cut ensures that overall look is pulled together.

Chunky Sweater

Sneakers and denim shorts can be easily elevated by a chunky sweater. With this combination, you can be certain to give the entire casual look a slouchy and too cool-to-notice-character. To exemplify the desired finish, you can settle for the almond-hued chunky sweater version. That is not all; you need to polish this exquisite look with a boxy bag.

Varsity Jacket

This fashion apparel reminds many of high school and college days. Yes it is absolutely true that this kind of jacket is fashion fodder for college and varsity student. If you want to achieve a sporty trend then this is the piece to grab. It can also play a substitute for the office cardigan. To achieve a spectacular look, you can pair this jacket with a graphic tee that has a slim cut. To balance the voluminous silhouette of the jacket, you can get tapered cropped pants.

Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are every lady’s favorites even in winter where you have to add other layers of clothing on top. It is commonly said that every girl posses a free spirited bohemian and a maxi dress is the best way to channel this seamlessly. You need to pair this skirt with casual lace up sneakers. This will give you an urban gypsy and laid back weekend look.

Sneakers are therefore a versatile fashion item that you must have. You do not need to invest is as much in the sneakers as in the clothes you are to wear. Ensure that you pick a good color to blend well with a number of apparel.

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