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Stylish Asian Outfit That Will Spruce up Your Look

Sometimes you know how routine and even boring your wardrobe can become. This season why not consider spicing up your wardrobe  and incorporate some of the newest Asian trends in the market. Be creative and adventurous! Go for great outfits that will enable you to make a strong fashion statement.

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You should first open your eyes to the world of dress pants. There are literally dozens of different types of pants to choose from today and the flare leg is no longer the most popular choice. The skinny leg and pencil leg have taken over this number one spot and the great thing about wearing these dress pants to work is that you will want to wear them out at night as well. These dress pants can be worn with stiletto heels, flat shoes, sandals and boots alike which give you even more versatility for footwear as well.

Aside from dress pants you have casual wear tops and jacket choices. There is no rule that you have to wear a jacket with your dress pants to work but this season you’ll find there are many cute jackets to choose from so you might want to! Cropped jackets, military jackets and leather jackets are hot this year. You may not have thought of pairing a leather jacket with your dress pants but actually a cropped leather jacket paired with dress pants and a bold colored blouse can look fabulous. It’s this type of creativity that you can use to look great at work and still want to wear the same outfit even when work hours are done.

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Rich colors like red, pink, purple and green traditionally look fabulous under a great jacket and this is no different this year. You don’t have to stick with plain casual clothing either, there are many bold patterns and designs within the hot trends of this spring that can easily be worn to work. Get away from the plain white blouses and consider a great floral blouse that can bring some elegant color to your outfit. Spring is all about color. After those long winter months there is nothing better than putting on nice and bright colors to rejuvenate your mood at this time of the year.

The office place is the perfect place to experiment when it comes to fashion clothes for women. Just remember to be creative to a certain extent. You may not want to utilize animal prints and fluorescent colors but the rest of the fashion trends are fair game. Update your office suits, alternate your footwear and how you layer your choose casual top. As long as you are covered and presentable for work, the fashion trends of 2011 include chic clothing, unique casual wear and glamorous styles that any woman can take advantage of no matter what their body type or where they work.

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