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The Best in K-Pop Music: 2014

If there is one criticism constantly leveled at Korean pop music, it is that most artists prefer to release singles. Since the singles are accompanied by videos, they can promote them easily and gain millions of views in a matter of days. However, when it comes to entire albums, there are hardly any in K-pop music released in 2014 which can be considered great. There were a number of successful singles, riding on the coattails of PSY’s phenomenal success over the past couple of years, allowing K-pop stars to achieve cross-border fame.

Well, enough with the criticism, there was plenty of good music on offer in 2014. Here is a look at the best K-Pop albums released in 2014:

Newton’s Apple – Nell

By some distance, Newton’s Apple by Nell was the best rock album from the Korean music scene in 2014. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say it is perhaps the finest rock album from K-Pop artists. The songwriting is great, the arrangements are catchy and the vocals are flawless. For good measure, Nell recorded one song in English for this album, Grey Zone. It is great to see the Korean band pushing its boundaries, something artists from the region are not known to do.

The Best in K-Pop Music 2014 1

Quiet Night – Seotaiji

The legend is back and how. Seotaiji is among the pioneers of K-Pop and the level it has achieved today. The artist had been on a hiatus, which eventually turned out to be a long one. Quiet Night is his first release in five years and sees the artist at the top of his game. There is a Christmassy feel to the album, especially in the album closer, The Christmas Miracle. If you love K-Pop, there is no way you can miss out on Quiet Night.

Crush – 2NE1

One of the most acclaimed albums of the year, 2NE1’s Crush has been named the year’s best K-Pop Album by Billboard magazine, which validates the album’s presence on this list. Like Seotaiji, the ladies of 2NE1 made a comeback of sorts with Crush, released four years after their debut album. Crush also managed to achieve moderate success in the US, debuting at #61 on the Billboard 200. This makes it the highest entry for a K-Pop album of the most recognized album

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