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The Hottest Korean Fashion Designers

Are you looking for the hottest Korean fashion designers to buy your clothes, shoes and accessories from? Keeping in mind the rapid changes in the world of fashion, it can prove to be quite a difficult task to keep up, and the same goes for Korean fashion, as it is furiously fickle and fast.

However, buying from the hottest Korean fashion designers ensures you are getting something that not only makes you look exceptional, but is in-trend as well. So, here are some of the hottest Korean fashion designers to help you out:

Kim Jae Hyun (Lucky Chouette/ Jardin de Chouette)

A familiar figure in the fashion world, Kim Jae Hyun, left her mark on the fashion industry through her Jardin de Chouette line. Lucky Chouette is the sister brand, which features street-inspired, variegated and accessible clothing by Kim Jae Hyun. The silhouettes tend to be casual and chunky. The skirts are flared and short, and blouses are oversized. Prints played a major part in the clothes designed by Kim, along with the Owl, which symbolizes luck.

Ko Tae Yong (Beyond Closet)

The creation of designer Ko Tae Yong, Beyond Closet was launched in 2008. The brand stocks sports jackets, button-downs, collegiate and classic baseball jackets that feature vibrant colors such as yellows, reds and blues. While the clothing won’t exactly work for job interviews, it’s ideal for men in their twenties and thirties who do not mind a little cute in their wardrobes.


Steve J & Yoni P

The funky designer duo debuted their sizzling collection at the London Fashion Week in 2007. Their designs can be found in the stores of almost all top fashion retailers, such as Opening Ceremony. The clothes feature intricate detailing, paisley and stripes, which will definitely help you stand out in the crowd.

Rei Yoon Hong Mi (Reike Nen)

Known for his show-stopping designs for females, Rei Yoon Hong Mi founded his shoe brand Reike Nen in 2010. The brand focuses on deconstructing footwear classics like pumps and oxfords, and fuses them with wedges and creepers, or cuts them into sandals. The shoes are comfortable and light, 100% wholly original, and are capable of dominating outfits easily.

Hyejin Hong (The Studio K)

Known as “the Korean Marni”, Hyejin Hong designs clothes for her brand The Studio K. The designs are simply elegant, flattering and are inspired by technology and algorithms. So, if you are looking for something totally different yet attractive, her clothes are a must buy.


So, these are some of the hottest Korean fashion designers you should consider shopping from. More about trends promoted by designers from Korea check this article.

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