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The perfect blazer for every body shape and all occasions

Every woman should own at least one blazer in her closet. But how to choose the one that best suits your body shape? What type of blazer is appropriate for casual outfits and which one you should wear at formal events? Here are the best tips to help you choose the perfect blazer!

Choose the right blazer for your body shape
Hourglass body shape. If you have been blessed with the ideal type of silhouette, you look great in all types of blazers: long or cropped, collarless or with lapels, with or without buttons, with or without pockets. Just make sure the cut of the blazer highlights your waist or use a belt to emphasize it. You have the most feminine curves, you don’t want to hide them in a bulky blazer!
Rectangle body shape. If you have straight shoulders, hips and bottom, but no waist, the perfect blazer for you is the one that can create the illusion of waist. This means you must search for structured and shaped blazers with round lapels or neckline and straight-cut blazers with a defined waist.

Pear shaped body shape. If your hips are wide and your shoulders narrow, you will look at your best when wearing waist defining blazers that add volume to the shoulders and keep the bottom half slim and simple. Choose double-breasted blazers and blazers with shoulder pads or epaulets, voluminous collar or wide lapels.

Apple shaped body shape. If you have round shoulders, flat bottom and fullness on the waist, opt for blazers that have a plain and simple middle section, but with details above the bust and below the hips: straight-line, A-line and empire style blazers with deep necklines, big lapels, shoulder pads and the top button placed under the bust.
Inverted triangle body shape. If you have tiny hips and broad shoulders, the perfect blazer for your silhouette must create softer shoulders and broader hips. Therefore, look for straight-line or flared blazers, lower pockets, small lapels and narrow collars. Detailed hems are a great way to balance your wide shoulders.

Wear the right blazer for the occasion
The biggest advantage of blazers is that you can wear them on all occasions, from formal to casual. You just need to know what other clothes to include in your outfit and which accessories to choose, as they can change the blazer’s style from casual to formal, from classic to trendy, elegant to sporty.

At work. Black or navy blue blazers with classic conservative cuts are the perfect choice for office outfits. Pair them with white shirts, conservative pants or skirts and leather high-heeled shoes. Lighter grey or dark brown blazers are also acceptable for daytime business looks. For a more relaxed office outfit, pair your classic blazer with pencil skirts or tapered, cropped or straight-cut pants and bold statement jewellery. For casual Friday outfits, you can pair blazers with jeans and choose light coloured blazers or some vivid patterns.

grey elegant office wear jacket

Casual events. You can make a classic black or navy blazer look casual by pairing it with bright bottoms and statement accessories, or wear a blazer that already has a casual cut and look. For example, the perfect casual-sport outfit consists of blazers paired with T-shirts or even hoodies, skinny, straight or boyfriend jeans and sneakers. Change the sneakers with high-heeled shoes or ankle boots and you will instantly glam up your outfit. Other casual and stylish combinations are: A-line blazers with maxi dresses, long blazers (hip-length) with denim shorts, elbow-length sleeves blazers with skinny jeans, classic elegant blazers with graphic print T-shirts or fitted plaid shirts.

casual khaki blazer

Formal events. Afternoon or casual weddings, rehearsal dinners, christenings and graduations are appropriate events to wear blazers. Just make sure you choose a nice elegant model, black or white, and pair it with any fashion wardrobe you have: cocktail dresses, stylish pants (cigarette, tapered, wide-leg), feminine skirts (pencil, A-line, flares) or even evening dresses, if the blazer is cropped and made of precious fabrics, such as lace or silk.

At parties. This is where you can go wild and wear funky types of blazers: shiny blazers with sequins embellishments, metallic coloured or blazers with all kinds of stylish details, from feathers and pearls to fringes and metal applications. Or you can do the opposite and pair a simple classic blazer with a leather/ lace/ sequined funky dress or lace/ silky shorts. Complete your sensual party outfit with high heels, ostentatious jewerelly and statement clutch.

party style blazer

Top 3 blazers to wear right now
Contrast sleeves blazer. The slim-fitted blazer with contrast sleeves is a great way to elongate your silhouette and make the lower bottom of your body look leaner and smaller. The eye-catching sleeves can subtly draw attention from wide hips, big thighs or a waist not so well defined. Choose a black or white blazer with contrast sleeves if you are looking for classic elegant outfits, or a bold coloured blazer if you rather prefer the effortless urban style approach.

Collarless blazer. The minimalist trend is still alive and kicking, so sans collar tailored blazers are among the IT clothing items for 2015. Simple, elegant and sophisticated, the collarless blazer instantly adds elegance and grace to any outfit. In order to keep it simple and minimal, choose white, black or neutral collarless blazers.

Cropped blazer. This one is perfect for business and formal events. It even looks well when paired with sophisticated evening dresses. The big advantage is that the cropped blazer creates the illusion of a smaller torso, especially if it has a simple cut and comes with no buttons, pockets and collar. You will look trendy and fit at the same time!

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