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Wedding specials to end the year in style

Are you having your big day soon? Have you settled for a gown as yet? Well, read along to learn more about the hottest wedding trends this year. When it comes to your wedding day, the gown is arguably the most important thing. All guests always look forward to seeing the bride walking down the aisle looking all splendid and glamorous.



Bearing in mind that your wedding day is one of the most significant days in your life, everything needs to be perfect and in specific your wedding dress. If you indeed want to look your best and make your wedding day the most memorable day of your entire life then make your selection from one of the hottest 2013 wedding dresses.

Embroidered Lace Gown
Lace bridal gowns have become a very hot trend among brides in the contemporary world since 2011 when the British Royal wedding took place. The wedding between Britain’s Prince William and Duchess’ Catherine Middleton literally changed how people viewed lace wedding dresses. Kate’s gown was adorned with lashings of lace and since then embroidered lace dresses became a hot trend. Top couture designers nowadays are adding laces to their bridal collections because of their high demand and popularity.

Deep V Neckline Dresses
One of the hottest trends in bridal gowns for 2013 is deep v neckline gowns. This silhouette dress will give you red carpet glitz and glamour.

Colored Gowns
Gone are the days when a wedding dress had to be white in color. Most brides are nowadays opting for colored wedding dresses. Today, soft pastel shades such as baby pink, mint and powder blue gowns are very trendy and stylish. When you adorn yourself in a pink gown, I believe there is no one who will ever forget your wedding.

Form the Ivory Collection.

Form the Ivory Collection.

Vintage Bridal Gowns
Vintage style bridal gowns are a firm trend today. To some, the idea of vintage dresses conjures up a picture of a demure lace gown with pearls as well as a veil. However, the term vintage covers over 5 decades of fashion and as such the choices are limitless. Vintage fashion style draws on style and elegance of various eras. Whatever era you choose, you should take inspiration from accessories, jewelry and dress styles to have a complete wedding outfit. You can also opt to mix and match your vintage wedding style with contemporary trends to get a glamorous and scintillating wedding outfit.

Sequined Wedding Dresses
Adding sequins to bridal gowns is very popular among designers. In 2013, sequined bridal gowns are a very hot trend. Sequins added on various parts of the gown, make it look more fabulous and stunning. Though it is a bit costly, it is a worthwhile investment.

Mermaid Dresses
Mermaid wedding dresses have become a hot trend in 2013. This is a very flattering style for brides especially for those who are fashion-conscious. Mermaid gown gives the wearer a killer silhouette look. It is pieces of women apparel that will enable you make a very strong fashion statement on your special day.

A wedding day is a one day event that has a lot of significance in your life since it marks the beginning of a new phase in your life. You should settle for nothing less than a perfect wedding dress. Irrespective of your budget, you can get your dream wedding dress that will make you feel special and great in your big day.

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