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Why Wood Watches are So Trendy

Handcrafted Wood Watches emulate style, comfort, and durability. Each wood watch is unique, as the color variations even within the same tree are tremendous. Thus, you can be sure of the fact that your watch is like none other, and that it is as unique, as yourself. Wood watches are fine examples of bespoke nature that can lead you to moments of epiphany and self-realization.

Check out the Zebrawood & Maple watch from Fieldcrest Series by Jord. The contrasting grains and colors of maple wood stick dial and zebrawood band, are all you need to look trendy… the look you have longed to wear. You can effortlessly feel sporty and adventurous with this extremely light weight watch and be completely yourself! IMG_2447   IMG_1829 The Natural Green watch of the Sully Series by Ford portrays innovative design and stunning color variation of wood. The Arabic & Stick dial evokes a strong style statement, with its glistening silver hands and sculptured bezel and chain-link band. Green- the color of nature symbolizes strength, resilience and comfort.

The understated effect of Wood Watches lends unlimited options to experiment with your sense of style. The natural wood tones can contrast beautifully with almost any color- something you wouldn’t get to experience with other types of watches. Serene and somber, or witty and playful- you can express yourself the perfect way by choosing your very own wood watch!

Wooden Watches For Men

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